Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saffron Kills Cancer

Doctor Oz said that saffron comes from the inside of a crocus plant, and it is the “gold standard” for spices.  Saffron helps to fight off cancer.  Dr Oz explained that cancer cells grow through bringing and building their own blood supply in your body.  The saffron can actually enter the cancer cells and send a signal that causes the cancer to “commit suicide.”  Dr Oz even said that saffron may be the cure for cancer in the future.  Saffron is not a cheap spice, it is around $10 per jar, but you only need a small pinch.


I have added Saffron to my diet.  I add at least 3 stigmas to all my sauces.  Saffron is $10 a jar... but in that jar you get a tiny packet with stigmas in it.  So do not think you are getting a full jar.  The kind I use is:  All Natural Frontier Saffron threads.


  1. Why didn't dr oz say how much saffron to use....being so expensive you would have thought he would...

  2. According to his tape he states using just a pinch when you cook and he grabs a pinch with his fingers to show it.