Sunday, January 16, 2011

Garlinase May Lower High Cholesterol

Garlinase Fresh enables you to enjoy all the health benefits of fresh garlic, without having garlic breath. One tablet of Garlinase Fresh contains 5000mcg of allicin. Allicin is a garlic component that provides multiple health benefits. It is extracted by a unique Swiss-patented process that ensures freshness and facilitates the best possible absorption by the human body.

Each Garlinase Fresh tablet is enteric-coated so that it can bypass the acidic stomach environment which partially destroys allicin before it can be absorbed. Having passed the stomach’s harsh conditions, allicin reaches the small intestines where it is released and effectively absorbed.

For centuries, the culinary herb garlic has been used to cleanse the body of various common causes of illnesses, like bacteria, viruses and fungus. It can also reduce cholesterol levels, prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries and increase the level of insulin in the blood to help counter diabetes.

I went to the health food store looking for something in the garlic dept. that would lower my cholesterol.  The counter person told me this product was the best on the market.  A box of 30 of these cost $10.63.

After taking these for a month, I went in for cholesterol blood tests and my cholesterol was lower.  LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 45, and Trig dropped 72.   HDL stayed the same which is fine and in range.

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