Friday, December 24, 2010

Vitamin C Deficiency

The late Dr. Linus Pauling and his associates were convinced that the arteriosclerotic plaque is formed because of a deficiency of Vitamin C. In their explanation of arteriosclerosis the structural protein (collagen) of arteries is lacking due to Vitamin C deficiency. This causes the body to supply lipoprotein (a) to these weak areas in an attempt to patch the weakness. This substance lipoprtotein (a) is very sticky and when it deposits onto an injured artery surfaces it seizes platelets, calcium, fibrin and cholesterol from the blood which causes a deposit (plaque) that narrows the opening in the artery. These narrowed openings can proceed to clot over (heart attack, stroke, or gangrene), produce symptoms (angina, leg pain with exertion, brain symptoms from lack of adequate blood flow) and small pieces of fibrin clot may break off the plaque and are thrown to arteries more distant again producing strokes, heart attack and gangrene.
In 1994 Linus Pauling and his associates announced that arteriosclerosis could be cured by a substance important in making collagen (lysine 6 grams daily) and large doses of Vitamin C (6 grams daily). The Pauling associates have never seen an individual who was taking 10 grams of Vitamin C daily who had any evidence of arteriosclerosis. Ninety five per cent of patients with advanced arteriosclerosis admitted they took no Vitamin C or less than 500 mg. daily. These findings have been confirmed by the Life Extension Foundation of Hollywood, Florida.
The Pauling associates relate that end stage arteriosclerosis patients have been completely cured by high dosage Vitamin C and lysine often within weeks. These individuals lose their anginal pain, blood pressure drops to normal, arterial blockages disappear, lipid profiles become normal, and energy increases. They become able to pass treadmill tests normally.

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